Pathloss 5.0 Revission History…… I already have it

Pathloss 5 – Revision History

Pathloss 5 – Revision Date March 10, 2009

Radio lookup tables can load version 4 microwave (mrd) and VHF-UHF (vrd) lookup files.

CSV Link reports have been added. They can be found under the Operations menu in the network display. The report can be customized by clicking the ‘Edit’ button and selecting CSV Link report from the dropdown list in the report settings window. (More report settings are available in the tree list on the left.)

Pathloss 5 – Revision Date February 24, 2009

Radio lookup tables
This has been added as an option to using the radio code index. If a code exists in the table, the, lookup table functions the same as the radio code index.

Loading pl4 files which contained Fresnel references became corrupted when saved as PL5 files. Interference calculations for base stations without associated links has been implemented.

Pathloss 5 – Revision Date February 12, 2009

Base station sector frequency assignments
The TX channel table and frequency plan files are now used for frequency assignments.

Point to multipoint design
The base antenna height is not considered in the rejection criteria.

Google Earth kml export
General improvements to the overall display.

Local and area studies are now exported as separate entities for each signal level.

Metric conversion problems – (feet and miles only).

Error in transmission line unit loss in ptmp link design corrected.

Error in tower heights corrected.



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